***** NOTICE: It appears that Windows 8 will require a special "compatibility" setting in order for TheStashCan to run *****

If you move TheStashCan to a Windows 8 machine do the following after installation is complete:

- in the C:\TheStashCan folder locate RunTheCan.exe
- right click that file and select "Properties"
- under the compatibility tab check the box to run the program in an older format (Vista, Windows 7 etc) from whatever is displayed as an option

Please download the FREE 7-day Trial of TheStashCan on your Vista or Windows 7 or 8 machine to test and make sure it will run for you BEFORE PURCHASING!

Out of sheer desperation TheStashCan was “born”. I’ve stitched my whole life, but the collecting of STASH and the need for a regular Stash-Enhancement-Experience (S.E.X) is something that’s just kind of happened over the last 2 years or so. I’ve tried dozens of different organizational schemes and may have finally found the safest way to store my leaflets, books, fabbie, and flossies (at least for me, that is!), but I was still running into one single MAJOR problem …

Just What Do I Have? How Much Of It Do I Have? How Much More Do I Want?

So, I set out in search of THE way to keep track of my Stash. Tried Excel … too much trouble. Tried Access … blah. Tried good ‘ol paper and pen … ARGH! That’s when I decided I’d just write a program designed to keep track of the Stash that I have, the Stash that I want, and be able to easily find, print, delete, and maintain that Stash.

TheStashCan was carefully layed out with all the amenities … I used a Needlework Shop’s inventory scheme as a basis for the database. It’s pre-loaded with over 6,000 items!!!!! Beads from Mill Hill. Buttons from Mill Hill & Just Another Button Company. Charms from Mill Hill and Just Nan. Floss from Anchor, DMC, Caron, Weeks, Gentle Arts/Sampler Threads, Kreinik … Fabric from Crossed Wing, R&R, and Wichelt. Patterns from Stoney Creek, TW Designworks, Dragon Dreams Inc, Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace, Paw Printings and many many more!!!! Kits from Mill Hill and Pine Mountain Designs.

The all NEW TheStashCan Version 2.0 has a BUNCH OF NEW FEATURES (ALL of which came from our TheStashCan customers!):

  • Multiple Categories of Items. I.E. Type, Style, Publisher, Designer …
  • Complete Flexibility over those categories (you don’t like what I pre-loaded? just delete it and create your own!)
  • Easy to Search & Sort. I.E. Search by Type, Style, Publisher, Designer, Item Name, Item Number … (it’s just too darn easy!)
  • Complete and utter control over lists and reports
  • Import and Export options
  • “Attach” an image to your stash-ed item
  • Fabbie Calculator - never mis-cut again!
  • CHEAP! I want to spend my $ on Stash NOT software!!!! :o)

Here’s a few screen shots to give you an idea …

Here’s your main screen - big, easy to use push buttons!

TheStashCan’s stash maintenance screen. Very easy to follow, quick searches (see below), add / edit to your heart’s content!

Click the Find button, select how you want to look up your stash, give it a value to search for and BAM! There ya’ go!

TheStashCan offers you the ability to “categorize” your stash in any way you see fit. Although the system comes loaded with over 6,000 items, you have the ability to edit, delete, and add your very own types, styles, designers and publishers. Each of those categories has a screen like the above. Go ahead! Personalize your StashCan with your unique way of organizing your stash.

Okay, you’ve got your stash in TheStashCan … now, how do you print out just the stuff you want? Well, with all the options available to you on the Reporting screen I think you’ll be very happy! And NOW you’ve got a new report to list all your “in hand” items and a total VALUE of your stash (but don’t let just anyone see it ;o)!)

Alright, you’ve defined your report so what does it look like? This is a snapshot of the print preview of our report. Every report can be previewed before printing to make sure you’ve defined the report properly.

Already got your stash in a spreadsheet? Just use our handy and VERY EASY import feature to load TheStashCan with all of your pre-listed items. OR, you could Export your “wish list” and you’ll have a nice little comma delimited file for importing into your hand-held unit OR pull that file into your PC’s spreadsheet program to create labels. The possibilities are endless!

We’ve even added a handy little fabric calculator, available from the NEW Utilities menu AND Stash Maintenance.

How to Get TheStashCan

Okay, you’ve seen the screen shots, you’re oh so tempted aren’t you? Well, what’s stopping you? We’re offering a 7 Day FREE Trial! That’s right Download TheStashCan right now and start it up. Try it … Heck, if you’ve downloaded the first version of TheStashCan and didn’t purchase, you can download the NEW VERSION 2.0 and start your evaluation OVER! Oh, but you’re worried. “What if I really like it?” “How much is it?” … no worries. If you download it now, try it and decide to keep it, it’ll only be $14.95 to Register your downloaded version and only $19.95 for a CD!

Can you believe that?!?!?! Only $14.95 (downloadable version) OR $19.95 (CD version) and your stash piles will become permanently organized, searchable, and printable and it will all be at your fingertips!

Program Requirements

- PC running Windows 95 or newer

- 16MB of RAM (hopefully you have more … like 32)

- 20MB of hard-drive space (the space you require will depend on how big your stash gets … this is a minimum)

- a printer (if you want to print TheStashCan reports)

- a web browser (so that you can view the help files)

- a scanner or digital camera (if you want to utilize the view piccie feature!)